February 6, 2007 - Edmonton

In keeping with its mandate to help Alberta companies grow and prosper the Alberta Research Council (ARC) recently entered into a five-year collaborative research agreement with Sage Biosciences Inc that will bring new products in animal health and nutrition to the marketplace.

"Developing new technologies for the agriculture sector is a government priority,” said Doug Horner, Minister of Alberta Advanced Education and Technology. “But, successfully transferring this research to the marketplace requires the combined efforts of industry and government. Today’s agreement between Alberta Research Council and Sage Biosciences Inc. signifies another step forward for agriculture innovation in Alberta.”

Demands for new and improved animal health and nutrition products are steadily increasing at around four per cent annually. By partnering with ARC, Sage Biosciences can accelerate the evaluation and commercialization of its product pipeline in order to keep pace with global markets.

Under the agreement, the Alberta Research Council will be providing research and development support. Conducting bench-scale research on early stage products and scale-up studies for commercialization of new products will be a key role for ARC. These products will have a significant impact on Alberta’s livestock industry, helping to provide agriculture producers with new choices to help raise healthier, more productive livestock.

“With access to ARC’s highly qualified scientific personnel along with state-of-the-art research facilities, we can fast track several of our new products into commercial reality,” says Dean Smith, president and CEO of Sage Biosciences. “In the highly competitive agricultural marketplace, speed to market is critical to success.”

"Alberta companies play a vital role in diversifying and adding value to our province’s economy,” says John McDougall, ARC president and CEO. “To get a new product to the market is not easy and often no one company can afford to do it on its own. At ARC, our role is to work with companies like Sage Biosciences to accelerate the development of their products and to help them compete better in the global marketplace.”

“Every year, we help more than 900 Alberta companies grow their business.”

“I cannot over-emphasize the importance of ARC’s contribution to our company’s growth and success,” reiterates Smith. “With ARC support, we can expedite the introduction of our innovative products to agriculture producers on a world-wide basis.”
Based in Alberta, Sage Biosciences is a Canadian company focused on the development of new, biologically advanced products specifically for the global animal health and nutrition industry. The company has several new products under development or ready for commercialization. These include nutraceuticals as well as feed additive and performance related products.

The Alberta Research Council Inc. (ARC) delivers innovative science and technology solutions that meet the priorities of industry and government in Alberta and beyond. Established in 1921, ARC is wholly-owned by the Government of Alberta and incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation. ARC operates in five facilities throughout Alberta, serving the energy; life sciences, including agriculture, environment, forestry, and health and wellness; and manufacturing sectors.



For more information, contact:

Valerie Golka
Communications Advisor
Alberta Research Council
Phone: (780) 632-8409

Curtis Kuzyk
Manager, NuRx Services
Alberta Research Council
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R. Dean Smith
President and CEO
Sage Biosciences Inc.
Phone: (403) 880-5339